A great general misses a medal!Japanese media blame the Chinese venue, their own net friends can not go down

2022-05-14 0 By

February 6, Beijing time, the Beijing Winter Olympics came to the second day of competition.In today’s gold medal-winning ski jump, women’s standard platform competition, the highly expected Japanese general Takahashi Sharo had to finish fourth, did not bring a medal to the Japanese delegation, the Japanese media is very lenient to this general,Instead, it attributed the strength of Gaoli Salo to the unreasonable site design of the National Ski jumping Center in Zhangjiakou and the weather.”Based on the wind, the Angle of the jump is designed to be gentle with less force from the runway.The conditions are the same for all athletes, but it takes time to get used to them.”A Japanese media wrote in its own article, not enough Japanese netizens do not buy this excuse, some Japanese netizens said such an attitude is a patronizing attitude to find fault.In terms of the weather, it is beyond human control, but the fact that the race can be carried out already shows that the wind on the spot is in line with the requirements of the race. Taking the men’s downhill alpine skiing event postponed by the wind today as an example, the Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games has the wind standards for the race.The fact that the women’s standard stage was run at all was enough to show that the winds of the day had limited impact on competitors.As for the venue, the Olympic Games be hosted in the national center for ski jumping is worthy of the world’s best run competitions venues, this is the objective facts, and the ability of the venue is also an athlete the embodiment of the overall strength, high sand pears didn’t win a medal, a cause or a subjective, most individuals face a poor state, field adaptability than other players,No matter how much excuses the Japanese media make, this objective fact cannot be changed.