“Department of gynaecology health knowledge popular science” colposcope examination pain?

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Will the colposcopy be painful?This is a lot of female patients will have questions before the examination.In general, colposcopy can be uncomfortable, similar to a normal gynecological exam, and does not cause pain.However, a few people may because of mental tension and other reasons, in the process of doing the examination will be a little discomfort (such as dizziness, chest tightness, etc.), but will be relieved soon.Patients choose professional and regular gynecological hospitals for colposcopy will have more security.What is a colposcope?Colposcopy is the use of a microscope to enlarge the cervical, vaginal and external genital epidermal tissue image, the larger can be magnified 40 times, close observation of vulva, vagina, cervical epithelial lesions, more clearly identify the shape of lesions, location and blood vessels.When women are screened for cervical cancer and find abnormal squamous cells, or positive for high-risk HPV, they need to have a colposcopy to see if the cervix is diseased, as well as the extent and extent of the lesions.If a lesion is found, a pathological biopsy is needed to confirm the diagnosis.Therefore, further colposcopy is required if screening finds: 1. Cervical smear grade +++ or above.2.TCT examination results were ASC-US and positive for HPV.3. No matter whether HPV is positive or not, TCT results show ASC-H, LSIL, HSIL.4. Whether TCT is abnormal or not, HPV16 or 18 is positive, or HPV continues to be positive after a 12-month interval.5. Contact bleeding, or irregular vaginal bleeding.6 have suspicious genital acuteness wet wart.What does colposcope examination contraindication have?1. Menstrual period affects the examination results.Avoid testing during your period unless necessary.2, acute lower reproductive tract infection impact examination results.Inflammation should be treated before reexamination.3. Colposcopy is not an initial screening method for cervical cancer or precervical cancer lesions, but a test that needs to be performed when the screening results are abnormal.4. If a woman is biopsied by forceps under colposcopy, because there may be a small amount of bleeding at the biopsy site, avoid sexual intercourse, vaginal lavage or sitbath for 1-2 weeks after the cervical biopsy.5, sometimes in order to stop bleeding, the doctor will place a yarn ball with string compression, can be removed after 6 hours.6. If you always feel that the vagina has blood flow and exceeds the maximum menstrual volume, or there is a lot of bleeding after removing the yarn ball, you should go to the hospital in time.Tips: Women should cherish their own health, if abnormal, go to the hospital for examination and treatment, health in their own hands.