Dota2-23Savage will be the “victim” of God ana’s comeback?Water friend: Distressed!

2022-05-14 0 By

Hello, this is Zwj, captain Dragonfly.In recent days, it has been reported that Ana will come back and join T1 team, and just recently, the third player Ku of T1 team also confirmed everyone’s guess in the process of live broadcast.A few days ago, Febby, Ana’s friend and A member of the TNC team in Southeast Asia, revealed “three things” (A, N, A) on the live broadcast, and Ana herself has recently resumed intensive single platoon training.Add to that the fact that 23Savage, a member of southeast Asian powerhouse T1’s Carry player, made a few comments on social media, and you can’t help but think of T1’s decision to kick out 23Savage to make room for ana.Pro players are notoriously unlikely to click on the details of a training match during a live broadcast, and pro teams’ official blogs blur out their computer screens when Posting photos of the team to fans to ensure they don’t reveal the results of a training match or the use of their heroes.And another well-known thing is T1 team’s no. 3 player Ku is a more rebellious player, so in this once made everyone’s mentality of players in the recent live broadcast on their own team training match details to show friends a wave…It is worth mentioning that T1’s player ID “man” is more important than the lineup they use in training matches, and this player ID “man” happens to be the new T1 team Carry player Ana!On the other hand, Angel Jiao, ana’s “mentor”, will soon return to the Dota circle, is this the so-called providence (dog head)?For those of you who watched T1 last season, T1 wasn’t a very strong team, but Karl and 23savage were pretty good in their core three, and the only weakness was Ku, who was turned into a banana face by the disconsolate saint.After TI10, the T1 player will most likely play 23Savage instead of the delightful Ku.It’s worth noting that this is not the first time that 23Savage has suffered. He was able to join VG at the beginning of last season, but was dropped due to the pandemic.So what do you think about that?Do you think ana will really replace 23Savage?Do you think Ana will take T1 to the next level after joining T1?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section, and be sure to click “like” to support a wave.#dota2#