Farmers say running series: Is cross-country running just a branch of running?

2022-05-15 0 By

Do you think cross-country running is a branch of running?Farmer: I think cross-country running is more like playing football.In a football match, the player does not touch the ball most of the time, but requires you to move your body in any direction at any time, and integrates jumping, changing, braking, avoiding and other skills, even including appropriate walking, to save energy, isn’t cross-country running the same?Marathon requires you to run at a uniform pace throughout the race, but cross-country running is almost never the same pace for one kilometer. You need to constantly change your state of motion according to the terrain. Therefore, the correct cross-country running posture almost always requires the core muscle group to activate the abdominal muscles, lower back and hips.For example, when you climb uphill with your knees raised, the psoas major muscles in your core contract, creating traction between your lower back and femur.If one side of the core is weak enough to keep the lower back in the middle, the movement becomes more difficult and more likely to result in injury.We see a lot of runners who are bent over when they cross the line, most likely because of this problem.If you’re not sure what your core feels like, imagine someone pushing you from behind. What do you do to keep your body still?You should loosen your legs slightly, tie the stabilizer, and then apply force from your torso. This will stabilize your body from leaning in any direction.Or, if you’re going to take a cute, full-length beach shot, you’re going to puke out your chest, tuck in your stomach, and work a little bit on your muscles to make them more contoured.Don’t worry about not having an eight-pack, it’s just body fat.Try to tighten your lower abdomen without breathing. If you can move your stomach inward by 2-3 cm, you will activate your core muscles.