Yongxing County Qijia township: xiang Xiang xiang xiang xiang xiang Zhi Fu road

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The cured meat is being smoked in the smoked baking house built by farmers in Qijia Township, Yongxing County.Rednet moment On January 30 news (correspondent He Yunkai Liao Changyan) Cold plum branches qiao blossom, salami fragrance fragrance ten million.Extending the Spring Festival will come, yongxing county township madadayo smoke from kitchen chimneys, the wax from the fragrance from the mountains, south bay village, the villagers Chen Yuanxiang are their smoked bacon loading, ready to sent to the village Courier station package delivery, he said: “this year we have bacon smoked for almost 1000 jin, remove outside the home has more than 200 jins, has sold nearly 800 jins, almost 3, 40000 dollars?”As a specialty of Hunan province, preserved meat has a long history and unique flavor, which is widely loved by the public. Qijia Township is located in the eastern mountainous area of Yongxing County, with an average altitude of more than 500 meters above sea level.At the same time, most of the villagers plant camellia oilseed to press oil, and the shell of camellia oilseed can be used to smoke bacon and duck. Chen Yuanxiang said: “The smoked flavor is unique, very delicious, and some guests come from Henan province to drag a cart back.”In recent years, Yongxing County has taken the cured food industry of Qijia Township as a powerful driving force to increase local farmers’ income and realize rural revitalization, including it in the scope of “One township, one product”, and striving to create local specialties.Qijia township sent professionals to establish standards for the production of preserved meat, guide and help farmers to build smoke-baking houses for specialized processing, and make the production of preserved meat large-scale, standardized and healthy.In order to help farmers develop sales channels, the township in the vigorously propagandize at the same time, and actively communicate with the village xian outside, give full play to its point of many wide advantages, a large area to promote;At the same time, the villagers were instructed to sell preserved meat through wechat, Douyin, Taobao and other online platforms, so that Qijia preserved meat could go out of the mountains, into the city and onto a bigger stage.Today, qijia produces more than 50 tons of preserved meat every year, with an annual output value of more than 4 million yuan. Qijia preserved meat is sold to the first and second tier cities in Guangdong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Changsha and other cities, giving thousands of families a taste of the delicious food in the depths of the mountains, and bringing a path to prosperity for the villagers in Qijia.